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VB Games and Fun Page


Welcome to the VB games and fun page!

A lot of people might think that VB is not a suitable programming language for games. Well, though there might be some limitations in VB regarding games programming and animation, we can actually construct  some good games and fun programmes in VB if we put a lot of thought and time in it.  To design a game or fun programme, we need to come out with an idea first, then we need to sit back and think over it. Ideas can be obtained through Internet, other media sources, and from gamers themselves etc.  After that , we need to write out a draft programme and try it out. We should always  start with one small component of the programme and if that  is working, then we should proceed to programme other components and then combine them together.  You should always have a VB book in hand for referencing, I prefer the Step by Step visual basic 6, the instructions are clear and comprehensive.

Games programming is very satisfying if your programmes work. Furthermore, you could learn a great deal of programming logics by doing game programming because the procedures are often very complex, you need to look up for references every now and then. I find that the book Step by Step VB6 is especially useful.

I have programmed all the following programmes myself and I have also included their codes in text form. If you want the source codes, please email  me at  Your comments are welcome so that I can improve on these programmes.

Specially Featured: The Advanced Calculator. Click on this icon  to view.


Dice 2

Dice 3


VB Slot Machine

Animated Slot Machine

Professional  Slot Machine

Recycle Bin


Memory Game

Digital Clock

Basic Calculator


Digital Slot Machine

Multimedia Player

Star War

Snake Chess



Tic Tac Toe