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Mystic Fury Chapter 1


Chapter 1, A Celebration

There is a place where elves and humans live together in peace and harmony. Faeries live at the edge of the forests and dragons fly through the air freely and happily. What’s that you say? There is no such thing as faeries, dragons, or elves? My dear child you are very wrong. They all exist in a country called Theoron, in fact I was lucky enough to stumble upon their kingdom one day and learned the story of their queen. Would you like me to tell you the story?

Music filled the castle as the glorious celebration took place. Bands were gathered, a feast was prepared, and all the servants were roaming around busily working to make sure that Coriana’s birthday party would be perfect. The small princess stared at all taking place with a glimmer of excitement in her eyes but not because of the music and the beautiful tapestries laying down before her, but because she had a plan. She creeped through the busy servants and dashed into her room. Looking around to make sure nobody was watching she snuck through a secret passage in her wall and ran quickly out of the castle.

The princess was very lovely though she was only five years old. She had long blonde hair which she kept neatly tied back. Her skin was pale and soft like rose petals while her voice was sweet as a nightingales. She was dressed in a gown of gold and silver and seemed to light up the streets as she made her way through them. She stopped when she got to a small cottage of mortar which was old and falling apart. Crows nested in the roof which had a big hole in it. The windows were shattered and the door was completely off. She ran inside the house happily.

“Thomas, can you come and play?” the princess called into the tiny house. “I know how to sneak you in for my birthday. And Laurelle can come too.”

“Coriana, you’re here. I’ll come over and besides I have a birthday present to give you later.” Thomas gave his mother a kiss and dragged Laurelle with him. The two of them didn’t really look like brother and sister but all three of them had one thing in common, they all were elves. Thomas was two years older than Coriana and his sister but he didn’t care. Coriana was his best friend anyway. He was tall for his age and had soft brown hair which was dark in the front and light in the back. He wore rags for clothes which were in as bad of shape as the house. Laurelle on the other hand was short and very beautiful too. She had short red hair and had a brown dress that she had found in her neighbors trash. It was her favorite piece of clothing because it only had two holes in it. Coriana always felt bad being better dressed then them but they remained friends anyway.

The three of them crept up to the castle and within a few moments they were back in Coriana’s room again. “Laurelle come here.” the princess called and opened up her closet which was filled with many lovely dresses. “Pick one out and you can keep it.” Coriana smiled.

“You mean I-I can have a-any one I want?” Laurelle asked. Coriana shook her head yes. “Then I think I want this one.” She said pointing and one of the less fancy dresses. It was yellow with long sleeves and a lace up front which ended in a bow. “I’d feel too fancy in anything more but thank you so much.” Coriana then told Laurelle she had to wash up because if she got caught with paupers in the house she’d get in trouble. Laurelle had never taken a bath in a real bath tub before played with the bubbles excitedly. Meanwhile Thomas waited for maybe a special outfit for him.

“I’m sorry Thomas, I don’t have any boy clothes but you can hide in here.” Thomas stared at his clothe disappointedly and then looked at his sister in her new lovely dress and hair which was now up in ribbons and bows. His eyes began to water but he just smiled.

“That’s okay,” he said, “It’s neat just being in a real live castle with a real live princess.” Coriana ran to her friend and gave him a hug. Suddenly she heard someone calling her name. It was her mother and father. “I have to go, you can eat anything in here that looks good if you want and I’ll be back.

Coriana ran to her mother. “Coriana, the guests are arriving and it’s almost time for the presents. Who’s your friend by the way?” The queen looked at Laurelle smiling. “You are quite a lovely child, did Coriana Invite you?” Laurelle turned pale at the sight of the queen. She had only come out to get a peek of her but now she was being talked to. “Well?”

“Um, C-coriana inv-v-vited m-me to the p-p-party.” The small child had never been so nervous in her life. “U-um I-I didn’t get Coriana a p-p-present though. Sorry.”

“Oh that’s okay, come on it’s time for the presents.” The two children ran into the throne room while Thomas watched from behind a curtain in Coriana’s room. Coriana opened many presents. When she was finished the room was filled with jewelry, lovely dresses, a golden rocking chair, and a huge pile of toys. “That’s all the presents,” the queen said, “But what’s this?” She pulled out a box and inside was a golden tiara with a green gemstone in it. The country’s royal gemstone actually. “This is a memory stone. When you put it on it stores your memories in it so you never forget anything.” Coriana ran to her mother and gave her a huge hug. Thomas became sad again. “With all these presents she won’t like mine at all.” He pulled out two rings and stared at them sadly. Suddenly the door to Coriana’s bedroom came flying open.

“What are you doing here Thomas?” the girl asked snootily. She was another elf and had green hair which was very spiky.

“Coriana had me come.” Thomas said firmly. Then the girl burst out laughing. “What’s so funny? She wanted her best friend here so she came and got me.”

“Don’t you get it? She only invited you because I dared her to. Do you actually think a princess could be friends with you? The idea is just laughable.” Thomas began to cry.

“What are you doing!” Coriana marched into the room angrily. “Leave him ALONE!”

“Well, why would you want to hang around him? He’s just a peasant boy and I’m a princess too. Why would you be better friends with him than me?” The girl stared angrily at Coriana who was now speechless. “Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll just go tell your parents that there are paupers in the castle.” The girl stomped off and Coriana tried to stop her but wasn’t fast enough. “Your heinous,” the child said and bowed before the queen, “did you know Coriana let some paupers in the house?”

“No I didn’t but she can play with whoever she wants to and if she let paupers into the house she can play with them.” Now the girl was really upset and left the castle angrily.

“Coriana, did you really only invite me because she dared you to?” Thomas asked as a tear dripped down his cheek

“Of course not. I wanted you to come because you are my best friend,” Coriana said as she wiped the tear from his face. Mommy knows you are here and I didn’t get in trouble. You get to be here until after the banquet.” Thomas felt better and told Coriana he had something for her. “What is it, did you get me a present?” He shook his head yes and pulled the rings out again. He put one on his finger and one on hers. “What a pretty ring, is it a friendship ring?” Coriana smiled and thought it was the prettiest ring she owned even though it was just a band of steel.

“They’re magic friendship rings. We both have one to show our friendship and they are also magic. You can talk to animals if you wear it.” Coriana thanked him by giving him a hug and a little kiss on the cheek. “Lets test it,” she said and dragged him into another secret passage. The went up the winding staircase until they came to a door. “What is it?” Thomas asked. The opened the door and a baby dragon sat in there. Thomas screamed. “Aah! It’s a dragon! Don’t eat me, please don’t eat me!”

The dragon looked at him “Who says dragons eat people? Oh well, may as well do what he expects. Ahem...BOO!”

“You mean Dragons don’t eat people?” The dragon looked startled at the fact that Thomas had understood her. Coriana introduced them to each other. The dragon was small and purple. Her name was Charon and she was very playful. They played with the dragon for a while and then went back down the passageway into the throne room again. “That was a lot of fun Coriana. This will be our secret right?”

“Right,” the princess replied. “I promise I’ll only take the ring off when I go to sleep and that’s it.” The feast was eaten and Coriana bid her friend farewell. It was getting late so Coriana prepared for bed and quickly fell asleep.

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