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Mystic Fury-Chapter 2

Chapter 2:The Happiness Ends

Chapter 2, The Happiness Ends

Coriana awoke with a start. The bright red flames surrounded her and she could hardly breathe. Her mother quickly ran into the room and grabbed her most precious possession. “What’s going on!?!” Coriana managed to cough out as tears ran down her cheeks. She reached for her ring but couldn’t quite grasp her only momento of her best friend. “My ring...I need my ring!” The queen set down her daughter and grabbed the ring quickly from the nightstand.

“Run Coriana, I’ll catch up. Just get out of the castle and run away as fast as you can!” Coriana screamed out that she didn’t want to leave her but her mother insisted so she ran as fast as she could, her mother not far behind. When she was a safe distance away from the flames Coriana looked behind herself only to see that her mother was trapped in a ring of fire.

“Mother!” she cried out but it was too late. A dark shadowy figure of a man appeared behind the queen and stabbed her straight through the heart. Coriana practically fell to the ground in grief and terror as her mother uttered her last words. “Run Coriana, don’t let him get you too.”

Coriana forced herself to her feet and did her best to stumble away from the scene of terror. Suddenly a voice came from behind her. “Run little princess,” the low pitched voice called out, “but remember that no matter where you go I will find you; and everyone you will ever love will be destroyed!” Coriana hardly waited for the words to even sink into her head, and she was too consumed with grief to care. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her and she had absolutely no idea where she was running.

Eventually she found herself lost in the Deronian Forest, hungry, tired, and alone. She collapsed on the ground. Just before she lost all consciousness she heard the faint sound of a woman singing in the woods. The woman happened to be a woman around age 40 with shoulder length brown hair and a very cheery disposition. She was picking berries and happened to stumble upon the little princess.

“Oh dear, what would a child be doing out in the middle of the forest all alone like this?” The woman eyed Coriana suspiciously. “Oh my, she elven...and not only that, she bears the royal jewel. She must be the princess that McCarthy is looking for. The poor child, all alone and in so much danger.” She reached down and scooped the small princess into her arms. When she reached her cottage she called to her husband. “Isaac, help me with this child.”

“Child? What do you mean child?” The man called back. He was about the same age as the woman but looked much younger. He carried a staff and wore a long brown cloak. He had short brown hair and brown eyes that seemed to cut into your soul. He came out and instantly understood what had happened when he saw the tiara. “She is Coriana? The one I prepared the memory stone for just two weeks ago?”

“Yes Isaac, if she is discovered she will be killed. We have to do something for her.” Isaac pondered his wife’s words for a while. “Well,” he said, “Right now the only things that give her royalty away are her memory stone, her elven ears, and her silver pajamas. The solution is simple. We’ll simply place her in some of your clothes, take away her memory stone because without that even she won’t know she’s a princess, and hang on a second...” Isaac muttered some strange words and waved his hand and soon her elven ears appeared to be those of a human. “There, that should cover it,” he said and removed her tiara. “Now it’s up to you Sheena to get her in something less fancy.”

“You mean we get to raise her like our own child? I’ve always wanted a child but I am not capable. At least now we’ll have someone we can think of as our own child, it is certainly fate that we received her. But perhaps we should call her something else. I think I’ll call her Norra”

Meanwhile Thomas had just escaped his house when it burned to the ground. His mother and sister had escaped safely as well. “Thomas, I have some bad news for you,” one of the other elves from the area said running up to him. “The castle was burned to the ground, and all the royal family was killed.” The news was like a bullet to his chest. Tears filled his eyes and he began to scream. “Coriana is dead? She can’t be dead, she’s got to be alive, she’s just got to!” He ran to his mother crying and so did Laurelle who was still wearing the pretty yellow dress Coriana had given her. It was no longer in perfect condition for it was black from the fire. Laurelle had barely escaped with her life but Thomas had run in to save her. “Are you sure Coriana’s dead? Did you find her body? No! I don’t believe it, she just CAN’T BE DEAD!!!” Thomas ran out of his mother’s arms and towards the castle.

He stopped when he came to what was left of Coriana’s mother and father. He looked down with tears in his eyes but at the same time was relieved to see that Coriana’s body was nowhere in sight. He was about to leave when he noticed something glimmer in the sun from inside the hand of the queen. He pulled the stiff fingers apart to find the ring he had given to his best friend. “Coriana’s ring, if I ever find her I’ll make sure to return it to her.” He looked inside the ring and found the inscription he had forgotten to mention. It read “To my best friend Coriana, we’ll be friends forever.” He began to cry again and ran as fast as he could back to where his mother waited for him.

“Thomas, I’m afraid that the elves can no longer live in this kingdom anymore. The evil person that destroyed this country has made it very clear that we must find a new place to live. We have found a safe place in the Naraphreck Forest where we can all stay. We’ll have to rebuild the elven kingdom from there.” And so Coriana and Thomas found homes away from each other and much different from the places they knew.

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