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Lesson 3 : More HTML Tags


<h1 align=position</h1> Tags which aligns the heading to the left, right and the centre
<strong></strong> Tags which strongly emphasize the bold format.
<em></em> Tags which gives more emphasis to the italic text.
<pre></pre> Tags which preserves the original text.
<sub></sub> Tags which format text as subscript.
<sup></sup> Tags which format text as superscript.
<hr> Tag which insert a horizontal ruler. Closing tag is not required here.
<hr width=n%> Tag which sets the width of the horizontal ruler.
<hr size=m> Tag which sets the height of the horizontal ruler.
<hr nonshade> Tag which creates the ruler without the shadow.
<p></p> Tags which define the paragraph.
<p align=position></p> Tags which align the paragraph to the left, right or centre.
<blink></blink> Tags which create a blinking text.



Now, copy the following paragraph and paste it into your notepad or any suitable text editor.
Save the file as bean.html.
<title>Mr Bean</title>
<h1 align=center><u>All about  Mr. Bean</u></h1>
<h2 align=right>Date: Nov 30,2000</h2>
<hr width=50% size=10>
<p> <strong>Mr. Bean</strong>is a 50 years old boy, currently studying at  <em>Cambridge</em>. His  lecturer is <b>Mr. Mike Tyson</b>. There are 33 students in his class.</p>
<p align=center> Here are some facts about Bean</p>
                      Date of Birth  :01011900
                      Height            : 100 cm
                      Weight           : 100 kg
                      Marital Status : Single
                      Address           : 1, Wall street, London,UK.
<hr nonshade>
<P align=center> If you wish to match make for Mr. Bean, please contact him through the following phone number:<blink>911</blink></p>

Click here to view the sample output.


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