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„Why... why do you do this to me…? It is… It is so cruel! You cannot leave me alone… I don´t know how life should go on without you! Life cannot go on without you…”

Uranus sat on the cold floor next to a noisy, nonstop babbling girl and… and next to her beloved Neptune. She could not bear looking at the not moving body. Once she did it, she would have started sobbing and she did not want to do so. In fact, the first talisman was found, there shouldn´t have been any reason to be upset. But…

She ignored the noisy and annoying girl and went to her own world again.

“This is so cruel! It is ironic… Once I have found someone I love more than anything, I have to sacrifice her! I couldn´t do anything! I just sat there and watched you… It is unfair…  You can´t leave me alone! You damned…! You…!” She swallowed. “I love you…! You can´t leave me after all we have gone through together… “

Haruka began to remember her life with Michiru. She remembered every battle they had fought together, all the times they had kissed, every night they had spend together… That couldn´t be over now! It mustn´t be…!

Uranus tried to hold back her tears, but already when she thought to their first meeting, burning tears showed in her dark eyes. She had not cried anymore since she lived with Michiru. There had never been any reason.

“Forgive me, Michiru…! I´ve been so cruel at the beginning… Please, forgive me…!” She wiped away the tears from her eyes and continued recalling their experiences.

“Please forgive me the flirts with all these kittens… I didn´t mean to hurt you… really! But you know that I only love you, don´t you? Remember our first kiss, Michiru…? I can still see your beautiful eyes shining brighter than all the million stars above us and I can still feel your soft, delicate lips touching mine… It tasted so wonderfull… Like love… I would give anything to kiss you only one time again… I miss you…!” She sniffed and wiped another tear away. “I`m so weak without you…” A gentle smile formed on the sky-senshi´s lips while she stared into nothingness. “Remember the first time we made love, Michiru? You always said, we should spare this for a very special night and I agreed. This night was special anyway…” Images appeared before Uranus´eyes. She and Michiru drove in her yellow convertible along the coastline. The sun was up to set.

“I´m glad I met you.” Haruka said suddenly.

“Hm?” Michiru didn´t  fully understand her.

“Let´s keep driving together… I won´t let you go this night…” the blonde continued. Michiru giggled and gently brushed through her aquamarine hair.

“We wanted to spare this for a special night, remember?”

“I know.”

“So what´s so special about tonight?”

Haruka sighed and took herself time to answer. “I thought a lot today… “

“Oh, that´s quite something special!”

“Wouldn´t you interrupt me? Well, I thought about us, about our first encounter, how I became a senshi… I´ve thought a lot about us… We are ment to be together. Ever heard of Plato´s theory? He thought that once when man believed themselves to be gods, the true gods punished them by splitting them into two halfs. So everyone looks for the his other half… And I believe that you are mine and I´m yours…”

Michiru smiled and put her hand on Haruka´s. “I believe the same. You have convinced me to stay with you tonight…”

Uranus remembered every single word they had spoken. Now she was incomplete. Her otherhalf had left her alone. What should she do now?

“Oh Michiru… You were so curious that night,… so playfull and passionate… My darling…” Her eyes went sad again. “ There were so few nights we could spend together… How can fate be so cruel and separate us? This can´t be… I had this feeling since this morning… Anything was wrong… We would find the talisman, we both knew… “ Haruka remembered the last minutes they had spend together in their apartment. They had moved in just some days ago. Exactly, they had moved in one day after they had made love the first time…  Some hours ago Haruka had sat in this house on the window-sill and had stared at her dirty hands. She would have to kill somebody today, but that didn´t matter. Her hands were already dirty after all what she had done. She would for sure end up in hell, she thought. But as long as she could be with Michiru everything would be alright. Michiru´s hands were as dirty as her own. No matter what, they would be together until death and even after death. This thought made dying little bit more comfortable for Haruka. She was surprised as her lover suddenly took her hand and caressed it gently. She must have read Haruka´s thoughts for once again.

“What are you thinking?” Haruka asked while Michiru still stared at her hands.

“Don´t worry, Haruka. I like your hands.”

First the blonde was surprised about her girlfriend´s words. Then she smiled.

“Thank you, Michiru.”

The two girls gazed deep in eachother´s eyes. After a few more seconds their lips became one in a long kiss. Haruka liked the sweet taste of Michiru´s lips. She could never ever kiss another woman. Even if she sometimes thought about it, it wouldn´t be the same feeling. Michiru was not only her beloved, she was also her soulmate. Haruka loved her so much.

“Michiru…” Haruka started when they finally separated. “Don´t be mad at me when I ask this now… But this might be the last time we can spend together… And…” Haruka blushed and Michiru giggled. Then Michiru´s face suddenly went extrem serious almost angry. Maybe the question had been inapropriate, Haruka thought.

“Never ever say something like that again!” the aquamarine haired girl said. Haruka stared at her in shock. What was that supposed to mean? Her lover came near her and lay herself into Haruka´s arms.

“I don´t even want to think about losing you… So please don´t say things like that.” Michiru´s voice trembled while she spoke.

Haruka smiled and stroke the other girl´s head. “I´m sorry, Michiru… I really didn´t want to upset you.” Michiru rose smiling and kissed Haruka´s cheek softly. “I know.” They fell silent for some moments.

“Haruka? You didn´t forget about this promise we made when we became senshi, did you?”

“To sacrifice everything for our mission if it´s necessary? How could I?”

“My feelings have grown day by day since I know you, Haruka. Sacrificing you… I couldn´t bear that.” Michiru lay down again.

“I know what you mean.” Haruka gently stroke her wavy hair.

“So let´s just forget about this damned promise! Just for this day!” Michiru´s hands buried themselves in Haruka´s shirt. She was shivering.

Haruka closed her eyes. “Okay.” There was silence again. Haruka broke it after a few minutes.

“We´re so weak, Michiru. In the final battle we are to weak to keep the promise we made. We´re too weak.”

“Yes we are. But being weak is better than being lonely.”

Haruka didn´t answer. Michiru was right again.

“So, what about your idea?” Michiru lifted her head and grinned at her beloved.


“You asked me something some minutes ago, remember?”

Haruka´s face lit up. She rose, lifted her lover onto her arms and carried her to their bedroom…

Uranus wiped away another tear. She heard the loud, clumsy girl next to her begging Michiru´s talisman to turn back into her heart. She finally couldn´t bear it anymore.

“Stop it!” she scolded the yellowhaired girl. “We have found a talisman. So it´s okay.”

‘Liar!’ she then said to herself. Nothing was okay! She had just lost her life´s sense, the girl which meant everything to her!

“No way! What about Michiru?” asked the shocked Usagi.

‘Stupid, little girl! You wouldn´t understand if I told you!’

“It´s not fair, Michiru. You always indulge yourself in your own world…” Uranus said, remebering the wonderful careless morning. She throw Sailor Moon´s Henshin-broach towards Usagi. “I´ll return it to you. Don´t be desperate when you can´t transform.” While saying these words she took Eudial´s gun. “If I can´t bring you back to life, I´ll join you in death.” She thought.

But again Odango-atama had to disturb her. “No!” The girl jumped towards Uranus and tried to keep her from comitting suicide.

“Take your hands off!” Uranus yelled.


“Within me is another talisman!” Eventhough she would have considered her heart as anything else but pure.

“We can save this world without the talismans!” the smaller girl suddenly exclaimed.


“I´ll save it!”

As inapropriate her fantasy was at that moment, Uranus was surprised by it again. That innocence and blind faith… Strange that her own heart should be purer than this one…

“It is weird… But when you say that I sense that it is true… A while ago you looked like the messiah, even though I don´t believe in your powers…”


Then the startled little girl was shoved by Sailor Uranus and landed some inches away from the senshi.

“Sailor Moon,… please find the last talisman!” Those words were Uranus´last. She took the gun and held it before her own chest.

“I am with you in a moment, my beloved…”

The girl pressed the button on the gun and her heart crystal appeared, while Usagi cried, she should stop. The next moment she felt happy again.