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 HTML Tutorial





Welcoming Message

Hello Friends, welcome to HTML tutorial!

The World Wide Web have been around for more than a decade where it has evolved from using the HTML as a basic web  building tool to many far more advanced web building applications such as the Microsoft Front Page , DreamWeaver , Macromedia Flash, DHTML, JavaScript , XML, and etc. However, sound knowledge of HTML is still very important for troubleshooting and customizing your Webpages. So, I will share with you some of the basic knowledge of HTML in this tutorial . The lessons are arranged as shown below, you just click on the buttons  to access the lessons. I hope you would enjoy the learning process.

Lesson 1 Introduction
Lesson 2 HTML Tags
Lesson 3  More HTML Tags
Lesson 4 Types of List
Lesson 5  Adding Colors
Lesson 6 Inserting Graphics
Lesson 7 Building  Links
Lesson 8 More on Links
Lesson 9 Table
Lesson 10 Advanced Table Tags

I have started to write tutorial about  JavaScript, and now I have finished four chapters. Click the button below to view the JavaScript tutorial.

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