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Visual Basic Quick References


If...Then...Else The statements that control the program. For details, please refer to lesson 7 of this tutorial.
Int A function that returns the integer part of a number       example:  Int(2.34)=2
InputBox This is function will  display a message box for the user to enter a value or a message.  The format is

        MyMessage=InputBox(Prompt,Title,default_text,x-position, y-position)

  • Prompt - the message displayed in the input box
  • Title- the title of the input box
  • Default_text - the test that appears in the input field
  • X-position and y position  - the position of the input box
Isdate This is the function that determines whether a string can be converted to date or not. It will returns TRUE or FALSE

Example:  Isdate("12345") will returns "FALSE" while Isdate("2-16-2008")  or Isdate("2/16/2008") will returns TRUE





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